Interesting Life Tips

  1. The smaller the fine print in any document, the more careful you need to read it. Remember, take your time and never rush into signing a document.
  2. All contracts should make sense when read by a normal literate person. If you can’t understand the content of a document, never sign it.
  3. The smoother a salesperson comes across, the more cautious you should be.
  4. In life and in business every decision should have a rationale reason behind it. One must find this reason. If there is not logical reason or it does not make rationale sense then be cautious.
  5. The truth is always easier to tell than a lie.
  6. Possession is really nine tenths of the law.
  7. If you are buying something from someone and they suggest that they never use a particular function, chances are that they don’t because it doesn’t work!
  8. Use your instinct. Trust your instinct. If something does not add up then do not continue with the transaction. Bargains are fairly rare.
  9. When divorcing with children, no matter how much you hate your spouse, the children will always link the two of you.
  10. The two most important contracts in life is your Will and your Ante Nuptial Contract
  11. Standardised contracts are for standardised fools
  12. Part payment is better than no payment.
  13. The harder something is to master, the more you will learn along the way.
  14. A quick answer is forgotten quickly, a researched answer is kept by your memory for a long time.
  15. An event / occurrence which does not kill or injure you, makes one stronger.
  16. You can’t fight the universe.
  17. In many instances once you start a course of action it is very difficult to change or stop the course.
  18. To buy can be every day, to sell may be far more difficult.
  19. When one is old and sitting in the old age home, one wants to be telling the stories, not listening to the stories – life is precious live it.
  20. One is given two ears and one mouth, use them in this ratio.
  21. With hindsight, sometimes one’s biggest disappointments are for the better.
  22. One’s professional integrity is everything, once lost it is very difficult to regain.
  23. As a person, especially a young person, be careful of reputation by association.
  24. In a business or professional environment, if you looking for a favor from a colleague avoid asking the favor on a Monday before 1pm. The most likely period for a successful answer is Thursday afternoon or Friday.
  25. If you are a young person looking for a job never request your mother to send out your CV from her work or personal email.
  26. Never allow your mother to walk into the reception area of your job interview – guaranteed you have no chance of being offered the job.
  27. Choose your words carefully, words can change your destiny.
  28. The most powerful weapon in the world is the pen / keyboard.
  29. The most valuable commodity is time, followed by good health.