Civil Litigation

Many areas of work traditionally undertaken by attorneys have been eroded to other professions and individuals but this remains one of the corner stones of the attorney’s profession.

As a potential client it is important to choose a firm with experience and which follows a strategic approach, taking into account the most cost effective way forward for the client.

We generally, unless instructed otherwise, try to resolve disputes by way of negotiation before instituting legal proceedings as this is more cost effective to the client. Often these matters, especially in the commercial environment, end up being a “business decision”, whether to litigate or settle.

In some respects civil litigation should be the last resort. Often good sound legal advice, or a good contract, or a good shareholders agreement (memorandum of association) can avoid the necessity of litigation.

Over the years we have developed a rapport with a number of advocates who have specialized skills, which we draw on, in the bigger litigated matters.

Our fees are very competitive and we are used by a number of Johannesburg firms as their “local correspondent attorney”.

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