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After being a director of an attorney firm for years it continues to amaze me how some people will enter into commercial or private transactions without any thought of obtaining the opinion of an attorney or a contract to set out the rules of engagement.

The most extreme I have come across is a professional person and part owner of a business who fought terminal cancer for 8 years and died without a Will. Other examples are the builder who has no contract with his clients, the two man business who has no partnership agreement etc etc.

So often, huge amounts of stress and legal expenses could be avoided if people made sure their legal affairs are appropriately in order. As a firm we understand there is a perception amongst lay people that lawyers are hellish expensive and should be avoided at all costs.

At Kohler Inc we strive to dispel this perception by trying to offer affordable sound legal advice and drafting succinct, relevant contracts, tailored to the needs of our clients.

The advantage of a small firm is that overheads are smaller and the end cost to clients is therefore less. We are prepared to discuss fees upfront and in long term matters we undertake to account regularly to our clients.

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